Grants New Mexico Rural Land 4K Drone Video

My New Mexico rural land photography work took me to south of Grants, New Mexico, near the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, which I unfortunately did not have time to visit, just drive by, and did not see any wolves either!  This area is near El Morro National Monument also, which I only had time to stop at very briefly!  Well, I am sorry to mention all these cool places, but only show you rural New Mexico land!  And, due to circumstances, I had to fly in the early afternoon light, which is not ideal.  I used my darkest PolarPro ND16 filter to still try and achieve the ideal shutter speed to frame rate ratio of 2:1 for my Mavic Pro drone recording 4K video at 24fps.  I used my new Garuda LUTs from Looks and Luts to color grade the video in Final Cut Pro X to get the most out of the scenery.  

If you are a rural land buyer / seller in New Mexico and neighboring states, and are not using 4K drone video to feature your properties, nor the best HDR sunset photography in the state, then use the buttons below to contact me today to get amazing visual content that will sell your land faster!