Mayor Tim Keller Speaks at 1 Million Cups ABQ 4th anniversary!

Albuquerque, New Mexico Mayor Tim Keller speaks at 1 Million Cups ABQ at Fat Pipe

Have your cake and listen to the mayor too!

I have had the opportunity to photograph Albuquerque, New Mexico Mayor Tim Keller many times, including making his official portrait for when he played arena football!  The latest time to photograph the mayor was at the 4th anniversary 1 Million Cups ABQ event at Fat Pipe.  1 Million Cups ABQ is a fantastic weekly event every Wednesday morning at 9am where an entrepreneur speaks about her/his business and asks the audience for input.  This Wednesday was extra special as not only did we get to hear from Kerry Brennan Bertram of Stride Inc., and not only did we have great cake, but also we got to hear Mayor Tim Keller's plans for increasing volunteerism in the city and more about the One Albuquerque concept.  Even though there will not be cake nor the mayor next week, I hope you still join us for the next 1 Million Cups!

The many expressions of Mayor Tim Keller!