AMG Hospital Albuquerque Commercial Interior Exterior Photography

Great views of the Sandia Mountains as you enter AMG Specialty Hospital in Albuquerque New Mexico

My old Neighbor the Hospital

It was a sort of homecoming for me to photograph AMG Speciality Hospital in southeast Albuquerque, New Mexico as I lived essentially next door to it for two years. New photos were wanted of both the interiors and exterior of the hospital, plus I was told, anything I thought would make a good photo, like the photo of the get well cards below. Only up on the third floor, the view of the Sandia Mountains was eye popping coming out of the elevator! In a side note, as I arrived going up in the elevator with me was a woman also going to the third floor. Some 2+ hours later as I was carrying all my photo gear now packed up back to the elevator having finished the shoot, there was the same woman! We both remarked how statistically improbable that was! That kind of thing fascinates me!

Hospital Interior Detail Photos in Albuquerque

Hospital Exterior Photography in Albuquerque New Mexico

Hospital Interior Photography in Albuquerque New Mexico