Kiki & Artie Celebrate National Dog Day 2019

I can never get a posed happy photo of Kiki!

Kiki don’t be sad in photos!

In my 10-year pursuit of getting a posed photo of Kiki where she does not look like she is being taken back to the pound, I share another unsuccessful attempt at a studio shot of Kiki, where she yet again looks like she is being taken to the pound. Why does Kiki look so sad when I try to take a photo of her?? In candids outside, I can get her looking happy, but trying to get a nicely lighted portrait, nope! She is actually a very happy dog!

Now Artie, Jessica’s dog, he is impossible to get a photo of any kind of with him sitting still, because he simply would never sit still! How did I get him in frame for the photo below? Well, what you cannot see because I erased it in Photoshop, is Jessica holding his favorite squeaky football right against his nose! Artie, like Kiki, is best to photograph in action outdoors.

I share these photos in celebration of National Dog Day 2019!

Acton Dog Photography in Albuquerque New Mexico

How we got Artie to actually stay in place!