Black and White Professional Business Headshots in Albuquerque New Mexico

Matching a website’s look with black & white headshots in Albuquerque New Mexico

Black & White to match their website

Black background headshots have gotten more and more popular with my clients here in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the past year, as each new client sees the work I did with past clients and ask for a black background headshot too. That is fine with me as black background headshots offer a bold and modern look. Jessica contacted me about making headshots for her management services company that would match the black and white look of the company’s website. I suggested going with a black background to standout against the white background of the website itself. The results you can see in context for yourself below.

Soon Jeremy and Michael will be in ABQ and get their matching headshots as well. I really appreciate a company that appreciates having uniformity and cohesiveness in their website design and content. That’s how you stand out to clients and show them how professional you are with professional design and photographs!

Black & White Headshots for Business in Albuquerque

Matching black & white photos to the website’s design

The headshots in color