Best Commercial Product Photography in Albuquerque Fine Soaps

Fine soap product photography in Albuquerque New Mexico

Fine Product Photos of Fine Soap in ABQ

I received a phone call from Trish about making product photography shots of her fine soaps here at the JCP Home Studio, but a shoot that would first be preceded by prop shopping at Thrift Town! So we met at my favorite thrift store in Albuquerque, where I helped her choose some props to use in the background of the product shots, and then we had the actual shoot. Trish did a great job picking out excellent props and helping with the staging of the soap, allowing me to concentrate on the technical aspects of getting the lighting right first, and then the composition with the soap being well placed among the props for maximum impact the her customers view the soap photos on her website. It was a really fun shoot starting with shopping and ending with some really great photos of very fine soap! And thank you Trish for leaving two bars behind for me!

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Fine Soap Product Photography in Albuquerque

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