Hair Salon Commercial Photography Albuquerque New Mexico with Felicia

Felicia of Amity A Hair Place in Nob Hill is a two chair hair salon I highly recommend!

Photography where I get my hair cut

I brought my camera and lighting back to Amity A Hair Place in Nob Hill for a second commercial portrait shoot with Felicia. She has also been my own hair stylist the past 2 years! Her salon is small and relaxed in a convenient location in Nob Hill. This is a place for a low stress haircut where no one is rushing and whooshing around you. Plus, Felicia has great styling skills and is a very interesting person to talk to as she regularly travels the world! Give Amity A Hair Place a try!

For this shoot, it was more staged rather than live, making it much easier to work in the small space, and I simplified my lighting setup to just two lights. Thanks to Jessica for assisting as well as Felicia’’s client for his patience!

Felicia loves cutting & styling hair!

Godox AD600 in 38” Cheetahstand softbox to frame right and Godox AD200 in 12”x55” Cheetahstand strip box to frame left