Comedic Actor Headshot in Albuquerque New Mexico with Connor

Getting a subtle look to a comedic actor in his headshot made in Albuquerque New Mexico

Breaking the rules for this comedic actor headshot in ABQ

I have had an increasing number of actors visit the JCP Home Studio lately to get great headshots to help them with their show business careers. It is always great to have an actor in front of the lens as I can just tell them to turn it on, and then all I have to do is make sure the lighting is right. For this shot though, I did suggest breaking the rules sort of, by having Connor turn back against his body, but then have his eyes look back toward center. When I made the shot I thought it did not work, but once we looked at it on the big 27” 4K monitor at the studio we both liked it right away. Thanks Connor for letting me suggest some unusual poses that turned out to be our favorite in the end!