Albuquerque New Mexico Chef Nutritionist Commercial Portraits with Celestina

Nutritionist and Personal Chef Celestina Brunetti of Albuquerque New Mexico commercial portrait

I met Celestina at a networking event back in the fall.  She had a table with some healthy energy snack balls that were very tasty.  We stayed in touch and met up to talk shop about having one's own business that you basically run all by yourself.  She wanted to work on new branding for her business of coming to your home and making a professionally cooked meal for you and friends.  I suggested we make some photos of her in action doing what she does, and this week we met at a very cool downtown Albuquerque loft apartment to use its amazing kitchen as a background for her cooking.  

We started the commercial photo shoot by making a new headshot for her.  I had been to this loft for another commercial portrait session before and knew it had a very cool brick wall.  Celestina liked the idea of using it as the headshot background instead of just a regular cloth photography background.  Click on the image above to scroll to the BTS shot and see the beauty dish setup I used to make this headshot.

Toss that broccoli in the air!  Celestina cooks with flair right in your own home in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Celestina wanted a shot of her flipping broccoli up in the air.  I setup the lights with her just in place first.  Then it was just a matter of timing the push of the shutter on my Nikon D750 just at the right time as Celestina flicked her wrist and sent the broccoli up in the air.  And as you can see she had to do it without looking!

The final, plated meal that you could be sitting down to!

The final, plated meal that you could be sitting down to!