Candid Fun Creative Albuquerque Family Portraits at Highland Park

Candid, fun, creative family portraits in Albuquerque, New Mexico

When a family is willing to have real fun in portraits

Earlier in my photography career, I regularly booked family portrait shoots specializing in my own signature candid style. Now I very rarely have family portrait shoots, and typically only for clients I have done other commercial photography work for, like Barb and Dr. Norm. When they asked me if I could do a Christmas Day shoot because that was the only time their entire family would be together, I said yes mostly because I really like them and knew it would be a fun time and I could push the envelope with getting some great candids. The photos in this collection are my own personal favorites from the shoot. The siblings in particular had fun with each other! We made very good use of Highland Park from top to bottom to climbing bars to the merry-go-round!

It’s who you know

One other important factor in being able to have a great portrait shoot like this was working with people I already know. Though I only met one of their daughters briefly before, already knowing Barb and Dr. Norm for quite some time, and knowing how our personalities work together, allowed for a very comfortable shoot. With new clients I try and establish this as quickly as possible, but any photographer will admit working with people you know is totally different.

Thank you to Jessica for assisting on this shoot and helping me have the time to setup so many different scenarios all over the park!

My creative candid favorites from Christmas Day!