Psychedelic Commercial Portraits of Engineers in Albuquerque New Mexico

Using in house artwork for a commercial portrait background in Albuquerque New Mexico

Getting psychedelic with commercial portraits!

One of the largest commercial photo shoots I have ever done was this past week at Bohannan Huston, a consulting firm specializing in engineering, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was over four hours of shooting on each of two days. Yet thanks to the great staff and their preparation, it went incredibly smoothly. So well that despite near tropical storm level winds on the second day of the shoot negating the ability to make candid commercial portraits outdoors like on the first day of the shoot, that finding a cool indoor setting was as easy as walking over to the neighboring building and using the psychedelic art tapestry background created by one of their own employees.

This colorful background combined with the new 42” Cheetahstand SoupBowl softbox I recently got produced some of my favorite of the year. Of course it greatly helps when the people in the photos have the personality to go with having a psychedelic background for their portraits! I even got one person to stand up on a chair for her photo! It was a great time making these photos of engineers. I will have a lot more to share in future blog posts!