Ceramic Art lifestyle photo

using some of my own items for a ceramic art lifestyle photo

Adding Lifestyle to Ceramics

This month makes one year I have been photographing the ceramic art of Noah Starer, a Santa Fe based artist. Typically I photograph his ceramic artwork on a paper background giving the illusion of a gray gradient, for example in these photo galleries. This time he asked me to come up with some lifestyle photos featuring his ceramics in them. The shot above represents that effort. The plate and vase holding the flower are his work. The Apple Watch, UE Megaboom bluetooth speaker, and post card are mine. The coffee cup is borrowed from Jessica and the table is thanks to her uncle who moved from Santa Fe recently and let me have it!

What do you think of this lifestyle shot as compared to the past artwork I photographed on its own? Pros and cons of each? Let me know in the comments below!

Of course if you like this artwork, visit Noah’s website to inquire about purchase!