Commercial Real Estate Photography in Albuquerque New Mexico at Zocalo Lofts

Light trails add stylistic flair to commercial real estate photography in Albuquerque

Stylistic Commercial Real Estate Photography in Albuquerque

Looking for a new place to live in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico? Opening soon are the Zocalo Lofts right on the corner of 4th & Coal. I was hired to make interior and exterior photographs to highlight the lifestyle of living in this new construction building. I used a variety of techniques to capture these three images. The top is using a long exposure to make light trails out of the tasing headlights and taillights to add a dramatic style to the building exterior shot. Then for the gym photo, I used the absolute best interior technique there is, flambient. Finally, the lobby photo was made with a realistic HDR processing.

Flambient technique commercial interior photography in Albuquerque

Made using the flambient lighting style

HDR interior commercial photography in Albuquerque