4K Drone Video Nissan 370Z Albuquerque New Mexico

You might recognize this custom Nissan 370Z in the drone video above, but if you do you have a sharp eye because when I first photographed it in Albuquerque New Mexico back in March of 2017, it was white!  That shoot was for Rohana Wheels, this time I met owner Santi (follow him on Instagram) for a 4K drone video shoot.

Custom Nissan 370Z in Albuquerque New Mexico - photo made with DJI Mavic Pro drone

This is my second time in two weeks to use this cul-de-sac location out near Petroglyphs National Monument in the Taylor Ranch area of Albuquerque.  It is a location that has a lot of possibility as I have made sunset commercial portraits, drone video of 2 real estate agents, and now drone video of a moving car all in this same spot!

Using shadows to define a drone photograph - photo made with DJI Mavic Pro drone

The streets are devoid of telephone poles and wires with only a few distant streets lights being any potential flying hazard.  This allowed me to fly my DJI Mavic Pro drone quite freely especially with having a visual observer to help out.  

Composing style is the same with a drone as a DSLR, you just have great dimensions to work with! - photo made with DJI Mavic Pro

I used a mix of the Mavic Pro's intelligent flight modes and my own manual flying to create 4K video content of Santi driving the 370Z and with it parked and only having the drone in motion.  This is my first car drone video and I am very excited about making more!