70 Headshots in 2 Days with Engineers in Albuquerque New Mexico

70+ headshots in two days!

What is it like to make over 70 headshots over two days of shooting? Well, actually, it was surprisingly easy due to how well organized the team at Bohannan Huston was. Thanks to Brian and Marylin for getting everyone to the studio setup very efficiently and to Jessica for assisting. This was still the single biggest headshot shoot I did, taking three hours on a Monday morning and then three more hours on a Wednesday afternoon. Thanks to my well established lighting setup, even a conference room can be a very effective photo studio. I was able to accommodate people of all heights, glasses or no glasses, and keep the results of each headshot consistent so when looked at on the company website, as you see here on my own site, there is uniformity to each engineer. After each day’s headshot shoot, we did however getting a little more creative with these psychedelic candid portraits!

Day 2 of Headshots for Engineers

Taking the studio to the client in Albuquerque, New Mexico

How I made 70+ Headshots No Sweat

In the above and below BTS photos, you can see the simple, but highly effective, lighting setup I used. There was actually only one light on the subject, with a silver reflector below for fill light. The main light is a Godox AD200 in a 26” Cheethahstand SoupBowl softbox setup with the beauty dish reflector in place, single diffused. The two 12”x55” Cheetahstand Strip Boxes are only lighting up the background, which in this case is a projector screen! No need to even use my own white background with that very convenient screen in a prime spot! The lights need to be on the screen to blast it with light, making the background pure white.