Malaysian Borneo Tree Frog at night

Tree frog photographed in Malaysian Borneo in 2007 on a night trek - Olympus 5060 5 megapixel bridge cameraI went into my photography archives this afternoon and found this image of a tree frog I photographed in Malaysian Borneo way back in the summer of 2007.  This was before I entered the DSLR world, and still was shooting with my Olympus 5060 bridge camera.  At the time I was staying in a primative camp an hour's boat ride down a small river in the middle of the rainforest in Borneo.  This was the most remote place I have ever been.  The Malaysian guide took a small group of us on a night trek through the forest showing us all manner of creatures.  By far this tree frog was the most harmless of the ones he showed us (which included tarantulas and scorpions!).  

Since it was night and the tree frog on an isolated branch, the flash only lit up the subject creating an in camera pitch black background.