Strobist Classroom Portrait at the Morean Arts Center

Students of my Morean Arts Center photography class. Four speedlights (all the students) were used to make this group portrait. Nikon D300 Tamron 17-50mm @ f/6.3 ISO 200 1/320th commander mode triggered flashes (1/16th power)In this morning's photography class at the Morean Arts Center I introduced my students to off camera flash.  Since everyone in the class now shoots Nikon (after one coverted from Canon after the 2nd class!) and has a Nikon Speedlight of some kind, I was able to setup everyone's Nikons (a pair of D90 & D7000) to remotely trigger everyone else's speedlights (two SB-700, SB-910, SB-600) using the Nikon Creative Lighting System via commander mode.  That meant anytime anyone pressed their shutter, all four speedlights went off!  

Well, we actually started off with just a two speedlight setup with Anne volunteering to be a great model!  We concluded the class with my suggested 4-strobe experiment.  As you can see in the shot above, one speedlight was on a chair behind everyone, another speedlight under the table, a speedlight in a 43" shoot-through umbrella in front and another speedlight on a light stand to frame left.

I hope our fun strobist experiements encourages everyone to try off camera flash portraits before our next class!