Photography Tip - how to spice up oft photographed places

Using a long exposure and converting to black & white to create a nature and architecture shot

I am often teaching 1-on-1 photography lessons in downtown St. Petersburg and have personally photographed almost everything there is around that area.  For my students, this is good because I can show them all my favorite spots.  For me to make an image of some interest for an oft photographed place, sometimes I need to spice up the image.  So for the above shot I went off axis, used a long exposure to blow out the sky, and then finally converted it to black & white using an infrared filter.  I also tried to combine nature and archicture in one image.  These are all photograpy tips to try for when you are at a place you have photographed a lot before, but still want to try and come away with something new.

Let me know what you do to spice up photos of places you have shot in many times before.