Canon 60D 1-on-1 DSLR Photography Lesson in St. Petersburg Florida with Parag

Parag willing to get dirty to get the best angle for a photograph in Vinoy Park St. Petersburg FloridaI first met Parag and his wife, Supna, at a networking event a few months ago.  We talked about photography some then and he expressed interest in taking some of my 1-on-1 DSLR Photography Lessons.  Then around Christmas time Supna contacted me wanted to help kick start Parag's photography in 2012 so she bought him a 4-pack of lessons via a Jason Collin Photography gift certificate (available year round).  We had our first of four lessons on a beautiful St. Petersburg mid-morning.

Parag has a good amount of photography knowledge already, and even a hardcover photo book to prove it.  What he wanted to learn from the lessons was to better tie together how to get the best possible exposure in more challenging situations where manually setting aperture and shutter speed may be necessary.  The harsh sunlight of any Florida day provided all the challenge we needed.  

I had a very good time during the lesson with Parag and I was impressed with his willingness to do whatever it took to make a shot (see photo above).  I also got to meet his very energetic chocolate lab puppy when Supna came by to pick him up at the end of the lesson.