DSLR Photography Lesson with Chris & his Nikon D300 & Nikkor 70-200mm lens

Chris, now a Nikon man - DSLR Photography Lessons in St. Petersburg Florida - SETUP: f/2.8 ISO 800 1/100th natural lightHaving DSLR Photography Lessons at 7pm during the Florida summer are great because they offer relief from the intense heat.  However, the mosquitoes are now out in full force causing me to wonder, as ever, how they can survive when there are so few people around?  If anyone knows please tell me in the comments below!

Chris had had a Canon Xti that was not getting much use over the past few years.  Recently he was given a great offer to get a Nikon D300 (same DSLR I shoot with!) and a Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm VR f/2.8G lens, a fantastic combination.  He still has the Canon, but since the buttons and nomenclature are basically all different between the systems, I told him he could leave the Canon in the car.  Ah, his car is not just any car actually, it is the awesome Lexus IS F!!

Now the Nikon D300 is not for someone just getting into DSLR photography as it is sparse on explaining what its buttons do, but for someone who knows something about photography, that is a plus as there are no useless buttons or settings on it.  So if you do find yourself with a D300 as your first DSLR, then I would recommend taking a lesson with someone, as Chris chose to with me, in order to get over the initial steep learning curve.

Chris is also wisely choosing to learn how to edit digital photographs at the same time as he learns to shoot.  He got my special discounted 4-pack of lessons so it seems we will alternate between a shooting lesson and an editing lesson as Thursday morning we are all booked to dive into Photoshop CS5!

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