1st Avenue North St. Petersburg DSLR Photography Lesson

Linda & her Nikon D3100 on our 3rd DSLR Photography Lesson - 1st Ave North, St. PetersburgLinda's intensive DSLR Photography Lessons continued this morning once again in downtown St. Petersburg.  This was her third lesson in seven days (1st, 2nd).  If only all my students were that frequent I could finally get that Porsche 911 Carrera S I have been wanting.  Speaking of Porsches, I find out that Linda has quite the knowledge of cars as she even knew a 911 from 1999 would still be the air-cooled version.  I was impressed.  

For this 2-hour lesson block we mostly setup shop on 1st Avenue North around the 2nd Street North cross street.  This stretch of 1st Avenue North is lined with multiple storefronts all displaying different, vibrant colors (see photo above).  It is my favorite place to photograph people in downtown St. Pete.  

We had practiced flash portrait photographs last time, so today I had Linda focus more on composition and style.  I introduced her to the wonders that can happen if you purposefully tilt the horizontal axis in your viewfinder and push the shutter.  The off center shot is not a style one would want to do a majority of the time, but I do like to toss in a few of this style of shot every now and then to spice things up.  

I also had Linda shoot from a lower than eye-level perspective with her Nikon D3100 to produce a creative forced perspective portrait.  

Having covered a most of the areas I like to shoot at in downtown St. Petersburg, our fourth lesson, already scheduled for Friday morning, will be at John's Pass Village

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