Tampa Model Urban Portfolio Shoot with Stephanie

Pay phones may not be around much longer, I will be sad to see them go -- Nikon D300 Nikkor 80-200mm @ f/5.6 ISO 200 1/60th Strobist: SB-600 to frame left

During this portfolio shoot with model Stephanie in and around downtown Tampa a telephone theme began to just naturally get created.  I did not think about it at the time, but upon editing the above photo I realized that pay phones will not be around much longer.  Probably anyone under age twenty today has never nor will ever use one.  I find it very interesting the things that become obsolete in a society.

Similarly, phonebooks will become relics -- Nikon D300 Nikkor 80-200mm @ f/5.6 ISO 200 1/80th Strobist: SB-600 to frame leftIt seems only natural that if pay phones disappear, so too will phonebooks.  I cannot say that the last few phonebooks did anything but immediately go into the hallway closet and then eventually the recycling bin.  We found this old, decaying phonebook near an equally old and decaying house.  It was my idea to add the cellphone to the shot to contrast with the phonebook.

Analog technology in ruin -- Nikon D300 Nikkor 80-200mm @ f/2.8 ISO 400 1/400th Strobist: SB-600 to frame rightI really enjoyed making these nontraditional modeling shots with Stephanie and I appreciate her being open to so many unusual ideas.  She interacted with all the urban props we found in juxtaposition to how she was dressed, in flowing summer dress.