Social Media Photo Set Portraits at New Dali Museum

I met Angela at my new favorite photography spot in all of St. Petersburg -- the new Dali Museum for a Social Media Photo Set portrait session.  This special photo package is for those who like professional images representing themselves on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin as well as photos cropped to fit perfectly on their iPhone or other digitial device.  For me, I cannot understand why people would want to represent themselves with some crummy camera phone photo they took themselves by holding the phone in front of them.  I offer the Social Media Photo Set to help people look more professional, more attractive and more themselves online.  

We used the great tree behind the Dali Museum that has long ribbons tied with messages for the majority of shots.  The melting time bench is another great prop to use for portraits as well.  I look forward to seeing how Angela uses her photos in Social Media!