Mt. Fuji above the clouds

Mt. Fuji above the clouds as seen from the summit of Yatsugatake - blue color is natural - 200mm focal lengthMy friend i-cjw is the premiere mountain summit photographer in Japan.  He has the photography skill to produce such images, but what makes his images all the better are how rare they are because few have his mountaineering skills to get to the mountain tops he does.  His most recent photo story (view here) made me miss being around mountains even more than I already had been.  In case you did not know it, Florida is basically a pancake.  So I had to dig into my archives to find my own mountain summit images of Mt. Fuji taken from the summit of Yatsugatake.  The above photograph shows Mt. Fuji peaking just above the clouds.  It was not visible again the rest of the time I was at the summit after I made this shot, so I am glad I took out my Nikon first and sandwich second!

Mt. Fuji photographed from the same Yatsugatake summit but at a 42mm focal lengthAs you can see, Mt. Fuji was actually quite a distance away.  The lead photograph is a good example of how a 200mm lens can actually be a very good lens for landscapes.

Japanese Alps from the summit of Yatsugatake JapanThese photographs have no editing done to them other than vignetting removal (due to the not so great 18-200mm lens I had at the time) and some cropping on the above image.  The blue tones are natural.  

It is an absolutely unique feeling to stand atop a mountain summit after spending the previous hours hiking up it.  When you finally return to the base and look back up at the summit, I always do not believe my legs had just carried me up to such a high place.  I have always enjoyed a view.

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