Epic Aerial Portraits in Downtown Tampa Part 1 -- yours truly

Photo by Vadim - Nikon D700 Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 - yours truly pulling a trademark Liu Kang aerialWhen a trio of friends gets together who have not all seen each other in awhile, and they happen to be photographers, hardcore portraits can, and in this case, did, ensue.  I met my boys Vadim and Pedro in front of the Tampa Theater.  We started out semi-tame, just a 2-strobe setup in front of some huge spiral modern art with each of us straddling a small fountain waterfall.  However, at Vadim's urging we soon packed away the lights and we all decided to take to the air!  This is nothing new for me.  I pulled a Liu Kang air (photo) (update see below!) over a huge gap in a cliffside in Mesa Verde National Park back in 2000, something I called the "Leap of Faith."  So doing an epic drop (unverified) from a skyscraper as seen above was only my latest epic aerial.  

Photo by Vadim - Nikon D700 Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 - yours truly pulling a Jackie Chan parkour move for a shotGood photographers can get shots anywhere.  Luckily Vadim was with us and spotted this alley behind a restaurant and said we should try it out.  I immediately suggested I could do parkour off the wall for some shots.  Vadim got who knows how dirty to get this creative angle.  Pedro was getting dirty too on the ground between the trash can and the dumpster.  Me?  Well, you know my disdain for getting myself into a state of disrepair.  

Photo by Pedro - Nikon D300 Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 - yours truly using The MatrixOne may point out that all these jumps were done while holding my not so inexpensive camera (not to mention lens) in my hand.  That's what makes things real.  Everyone jumped with his gear.  We wanted to get some different (and in my case hardcore) photographer's headshots.  I think we succeeded in that.  

Next up will be the shots I took of Vadim and Pedro! 


Mese Verder National Park -- Digital Photograph by unknown circa 2000 model, possibly a Sony, owned by traveling friend Steve. - yours truly making the "Leap of Faith"This is my original Liu Kang style jump from March of 2000.  I met two guys in Mesa Verde Park and we explored the place and jumped off of everything we could find.  The photo taken by Steve was with perhaps one of the very first consumer digital cameras.  It might have been a Sony.  I think it was just a 1 megapixel camera.  The original file was only 640x480 as memory cards had very small capacities back then and were super expensive.  Digital photography really has advanced in just 10 years.  Read more about this awesome day and see more epic feats:  Mesa Verde 2000 Adventure