Very Old School Tokyo Assassins

Tokyo, Japan 2009 - Nikon D300 Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8D @ f/2.8 ISO 640 1/2500th

There are mainly only two things about daily life in Tokyo that I miss, first of course is my beloved washlet, the second is the ability to do street photography from right out my front door.  Living in any big city offers lots of street photography chances, add to it the allure of Japanese culture and an indifference to photographers and Tokyo just might be the best city in the world for street photography, or photography of any kind.

I was on a photo walk on my very last day in country (after six years living there) with three friends walking from Shinjuku to Yoyogi Park.  We passed these guys in the middle somewhere.  Even though I was shooting something entirely different the moment before (if you can believe it horseback riders jumping gates!), I was able to change gears in time (as any good photographer must be able to) to photograph these guys as they got their bearings.

They were wearing trench coats and carrying weapons and suitcases.  I imagined them as some Rip Van Winkle type assassins from the Edo Period or something transported to modern day Tokyo and trying to continue their assassin profession with 500 year old technology.  Perhaps I was fortunate they did not spot me photographing them or I may have been added to their hit list.  

The weapons they are carrying . . . Japanese traditional archery bows and arrows.