DSLR Photography Lesson with April in St Petersburg

April and I had a very relaxed DSLR Photography Lesson in St PetersburgThe new late spring time I start my DSLR Photography Lessons at is 9am, in an attempt to beat the heat.  So that is when new student April and I met in downtown St. Petersburg.  Thanks to a decent breeze and low humidity, the weather for our lesson was almost pleasant.  

April is a new DSLR owner, a Nikon D5000, a great budget choice for entering into the world of DSLR photography.  She had some exposure to a pro photographer in her past so she was familiar with photography terms and knew her way around her D5000's menus pretty well already.  In our lesson we focused on learning how to set the right aperture, ISO, white balance and focus mode for various typical shooting conditions.

While we walked around the downtown St. Petersburg waterfront park area, the third largest in all of North America, I had a very good time getting to know April better as we shared a few stories about non-photography topics as well.  

We ended up in Vinoy Park practicing how to compose landscape portraits, i.e. do not put the horizon across the person's head, get the person's head above the horizon actually, and while you are at it keep that horizon straight!  I look forward to more lessons with April in the near future.