DSLR Photography Lesson with Mohammad at Vinoy Park

Mohammad and his new Canon T2i with Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 lens at Vinoy Park

Mohammad is the first DSLR Photography Lesson student of mine to have the Canon T2i camera.  Before the lesson we talked several times on the phone discussing which one he should buy.  He was also considering the Canon 7D, but as the body alone would have eaten up most of his budget, I recommended he get the T2i and invest the rest in a good lens, which he did, the Tamron XR Di II 17-50m f/2.8, the same lens I use for a majority of my paid work.  

As we walked around downtown St. Petersburg ending up at Vinoy Park, we discussed the usual DSLR photography basics, like how to make a shot with bokeh, how to photograph a moving object, and how to compose a landscape shot, but we also talked a lot about traveling.  I found out that Mohammad is also a world traveler and we have been to several of the same places, least of which was the island of Koh Chang in Thailand.  It seemed a heck of a coincidence to talk about such a not so popular Thai island all the way here in St. Petersburg (my experience at Koh Lanta).  

We were treated to another great evening of spring weather Florida-style for the lesson.  

Once Mohammad returns from a trip to Mexico I look forward to hearing all about it in our second lesson. 

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