DSLR Photography Lesson with Nicole & her Nikon D5000

Nicole photographs the Walk For Autism with her new Nikon D5000

The heat is on in Florida once again, so maybe my starting time for DSLR Photography lessons will soon need to be moved from 10am to 8am!  By the time I met Nicole for our first lesson we already found ourselves sticking to the shade anytime we were not shooting.  She recently purchased a Nikon D5000 with the two kit lenses, a good starting point for anyone interested in DSLR photography.  Unknown to us the Walk For Autism event was happening right where we were meeting.  This was a nice surprise as we had good subject matter for practicing street photography.  In the above photo you can see Nicole practicing using her medium telephoto 55-200mm lens and AF-C focus mode.  AF-C stands for auto-focus continuous which sets her D5000 to continually set a focus on whatever her focus point is on while she holds the shutter down half-way.  

Nicole demonstrating good one knee shooting technique - holga effect in Silver Efex Pro 3 appliedOne of the first things I teach every DSLR Photography student is simple, solid, good camera holding technique, as soon in the above photo.  The left palm goes under the lens with the left thumb on the outside.  This way your elbows can be locked into your body.  For extra stability you can use the one knee technique.  I often rest one of my elbows on my knee as well.  

Nicole was a fast learner to everything I showed her during the lesson, seemingly retaining most of it the first time!   

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