DSLR Photography Lesson with Anne in chilly downtown Saint Petersburg

DSLR Photography Student, Anne, photographs the boats in the marina in front of the Vinoy

Cold and clouds returned to my latest DSLR photography lesson with new student, Anne.  Friday's scheduled second lesson with Danielle had to be postponed, so I was just glad it was not raining.  Anne shoots with a Nikon D60 and the two kit lenses that come with it.  She told me she was an auto-mode shooter, but she had good knowledge of the meaning of aperture and knew how to navigate her D60's menus well.  What we did in our lesson was of course get her off of auto-mode and into control of her D60 by taking what she knew about aperture and applying it to specific aperture settings to get the best results in various photography scenarios.  

In just a short time Anne was controlling the DoF (depth of focus) of her images by selecting the correct aperture and focal length to do so.  Hello bokeh!

One feature of my DSLR photography lessons is I make one portrait of the student. Here Anne smiles happy with the knowledge that she can make better photographs.Anne and I already started talking about her next lesson where she wants to practice photographing crashing waves and sunset photography.  We will head to Pass-A-Grille beach for that lesson as downtown Saint Petersburg has no waves and only obstructed sunsets.

I appreciated Anne's enthusiasm and being able to see her passion for photography reignited after our lesson.  It makes teaching photography all the more fun.