DSLR Photography Lesson with Amy & Annette

On the left Amy with her Nikon D3100 & Annette on the right with her Olympus E-510Very rarely do I teach anything other than 1-on-1 private DSLR Photography Lessons, but Amy asked if she could take a lesson with a friend who was also at a similar photography level so I said ok let's give it a try.  It worked out pretty well I think.  It was a beautiful sunny late morning in downtown St. Petersburg and the waterfront was pretty busy, but we mostly stuck to photographing the usual things I have first time students shoot, like the big tree next to the art museum, an imaginary car hood emblem, before moving on to photographing myself as a moving object and then finally some landscape and portrait practice out in Vinoy Park.  

Annette arrived a little be later in the lesson so I had Amy setup Annette with the settings we were about to begin shooting with.  Amy showed a very good memory in remembering them all clearly (f/5.6 ISO 100 WB SUNNY AF-S).  Annette could find her way around her Olympus E-510 pretty well so things moved quickly as we switched between different practice subjects.  

It was also interesting to hear about Annette's motorcycle racing hobby!  I look forward to seeing her new and improved shots of her husband zooming by at 150mph and to my next lessons with Amy & Annette (or perhaps individually). 

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