Roppongi Hills Skyscraper Architecture at Night

Because of its changing lights, you may never photograph Roppongi Hills at night the same way twice.

I was doing a little cleaning house in my photography archives when I came across this image I made in December 2008.  I was still living in Tokyo.  The center skyscraper is Roppongi Hills, home to an art museum and the best movie theater in the whole metropolis.  This was not so long after I first got the Tamron XR Di II 17-50mm lens.  This image was made handheld at f/2.8.  In my current photographic mind I cannot help but think, "you should have shot at f/8 and used a tripod!"  

The structures at the foot of Roppongi Hills form a fun labyrinth to find all kinds of angles and perspectives to photograph architecture from.  Roppongi Hills itself pulses different lights almost every night, if not different in color then different in pattern.  The lights travel up the sides of the building floor by floor, like the belly of a snake as it flexes a continuing muscle.

It is always crowded closer to the Roppongi Hills building itself (where in Tokyo isn't?), but the structures at its base are largely untraveled so that a photographer may work in peace.  

If you have any shots of Roppongi Hills at night, please share them in the comments below.