DSLR Photography Lesson with Terry

DSLR photography student having a lesson in downtown Saint Petersburg

This morning I had a very good first DSLR Photography Lesson with Terry in downtown Saint Petersburg.  She shoots with a Canon 40D and has a Canon 24-105mm lens.  She said her Canon 40D had been sitting in her closet for over a year!  Well, we quickly put it to use this morning.  In the lesson we covered how aperture and ISO relate to shutter speed and depth of focus, as well as which white balances to use when.

After photographing a few still subjects we moved on to moving subjects.  Terry was quick to catch on to getting moving subjects in sharp focus culminating with a shot where we were able to see what coffee a guy in a car was drinking as he drove by.

We ended the 2-hour lesson with touching on how to use a speedlight (flash).  Terry had never actually used hers and at first it wasn't working.  I quickly discovered the problem--no batteries!  So I lent her a set of batteries and a great blue heron very obligingly walked by at that time so she got to practice nature photography with flash, a very lucky occurrence!