15 Headshots with Lawyers across 3 Cities in New Mexico

Consistency in headshots is important to show everyone is on the same team

3 Cities 3 Law Offices for Headshots in New Mexico

In one week I traveled over 600 miles across New Mexico to make headshots of all three offices for Noble Law Firm. I started with the furthest first, going all the way down to Las Cruces (3 hours away), which as it were, had the smallest staff! Then the very next day I went up to Santa Fe (1 hour away) to make that locations’s headshots. The last office was the closest, right here in Albuquerque, where I not only made headshots, but also candids of the lawyers in action.

Why have one photographer drive everywhere?

You might be asking, why have me drive 3 hours for just 4 headshots in Las Cruces? Because Noble Law Firm knew that consistency in headshots is important, and wanted to show that no matter which office you go to, be it in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, or Las Cruces, they will all appear to be the same team because in part their headshots look the same. Using another photographer will not produce the same results like having me photograph everyone. I really respect and appreciate the importance Noble Law Firm put on making everyone, from lawyers to office staff, look like part of the same team by all having the exact same headshot style.