Sailor Kissing Woman Stature in San Diego, California

Sailor Kissing Woman Stature in San Diego, California

25 foot kiss

While visiting San Diego between Christmas and New Year’s, to my surprise touring on the waterfront among aircraft carriers and other ships, stands a statue representation of the famous sailor kissing woman photo. It stands 25 feet tall and attracts quite a crowd, even on a weekday morning. Recently the man in the photo/statue passed away. The woman passed away in 2016. One’s feelings about the action captured in the photo, and the statue itself, can no doubt vary widely. One thing for sure though, it delights a lot of people visiting San Diego’s downtown waterfront.

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Warm Pass-A-Grille Florida Winter Sunset HDR

Pass-A-Grille Beach Florida sunset - Nikon D300 f/11 ISO 200 5-bracket HDRAs I sit here in shorts & a t-shirt with all the windows of my apartment open, and the ceiling fan on, let me extend a welcome to everyone who is perhaps suffering from a less palatable winter to visit the tranquil & warm Pass-A-Grille Beach at the very tip of St. Petersburg, Florida.  This beach is a great escape, with just the right mix of available entertainment and solitude.  Plus, how cool will it be to tell your friends & family you visited a place called "Pass-A-Grille?"

If you do visit this lovely place, please consider preserving your memories with professional beach photography.  I offer several candid portrait packages for families or individuals.  What would look better than a photo of you (and your family/friends) printed on a beautiful canvas gallery wrap hanging on your wall to remind you of Florida's warmth the next time a snow storm makes going outside just an impossible thought.