Chrome Nissan GT-R at Festivals of Speed 2013 St. Petersburg Florida Car Event Photography

Chromed Nissan GT-R at the Festivals of Speed 2013 event in St. Petersburg Florida, highly stylized & editedAt the Festivals of Speed 2013 car event in St. Petersburg, Florida, there was no shortage of cars getting a lot of attention.  However, a chrome Nissan GT-R was getting more than most.  Anytime you chrome out a car, it is going to be eye catching.  Whether such a finish to a car is to your taste or not, you cannot help but stare at it.  Since this GT-R was surrounded by people, I had to do a lot of editing in Photoshop and other apps to get a final result I liked.  Below I show the process.

I chose to completely replace the sky because that was much, much easier to do than to edit out the people and trees in the existing background.  This way I only had to select the car and foreground and then place that on a new layer and slip in behind it a blue sky I had in my archives.  The choice to go infrared was because of how black it made the sky, and in contrast how shiny the car looked in comparison.  Editing out the reflections in the car was just a tedious process that needed to be done to complete the look.

Classic Ford Galaxie mini shoot

Nice chrome fenders on this classic Ford Galaxie

I went to Crescent Lake Park with the fam to check out a community yard sale in search of a cheap tennis racquet and beyond hope an old, sturdy tripod that could tie me over until I get my dream Gitzo carbon fiber tripod.  I found neither, but there was something unexpected, a classic Ford Galaxie.  It was owned by a retired gentleman from my home state of Rhode Island!  I struck up a conversation with him about this and that.  

the front end of a classic Ford Galaxie with sweet antique Rhode Island license plate

Naturally I asked him if he minded if I took a few photos.  He said not at all.  So I whipped out the D300 which had my Nikkor 105mm VR Micro f/2.8G lens on it, not the ideal lens for photographing a car in whole.  Also, it was sitting in the middle of a huge grass field in the bright noon Florida sun.  So I just made the photos I could in that situation with the gear I had.

left tail-light of a classic Ford Galaxie

I gave the owner my business card and said I'd love to have another chance to photograph his classic ride for free with my usual car photography kit with me.  I'm not sure if he'll take me up on that offer, but I do know he and some other old-timers hangout at this donut shop on 9th Avenue where all kinds of stories are told.  So I will most definitely go and check out that place because I of course love donuts, and I would really like to hear stories about the old days and what they used to do in their cars.

the interior of a classic Ford Galaxie -- she was a beauty inside, and out for that matter