Canon G10

1-on-1 Canon G10 Photography Lesson in St. Petersburg Florida with Mari

Mari using her Canon G10 in manual mode creating a patterned floral shot in St. Petersburg FloridaThis morning I met long-time dog park friend Mari for a 1-on-1 Photography Lesson using her Canon G10, an advanced point and shoot style camera.  It was my first time to get hands on with this category of camera, which I had long been curious about, but I found the controls to be too cryptic to compete with a full DSLR in terms of usability.

Mari often is up early walking around the downtown St. Petersburg waterfront with her dog Sport and usually only uses her iPhone camera to photograph all the sunrises she sees.  Now she can bring her G10 along and use the power of manual controls to get the exposure how she wants it to make creative and sharp shots.  I taught her the shutter speed and aperture threshold settings from which she would then need to start to increase ISO, and how purposefully overexposing or underexposing a shot can lead to great results in the right circumstances.  

It was nice to see Mari outside of the dog park and start to help her improve her photography.  I will look forward to seeing her sunrise photos!