Bank of America Tower

After work contemplation

Staying away from the crowds, just my style too.

While I was photographing an event, I noticed the man pictured above looking out over the Bank of America Tower's expansive lobby.  The work day was finished and a social gathering was just behind him, but he took his drink over to that balcony and chose to stare off into space instead.  I was really interested to know what he was thinking and why he was off by himself.  

The yellow tones are natural as the large windows of the building's lobby were being flooded with late afternoon Florida sunshine.

Which type are you?  The go off by yourself to do a little thinking type, or the type that would be in the middle of all the after work socializing?

Robinson Family Medicine Ribbon Cutting Event

Jo was really excited as Dr. Robinson cut the ribbon on her new business!

 There was a very large turnout for the Robinson Family Medicine ribbon cutting event.  Much more than I expected.  This was the second ribbon cutting in as many weeks that I photographed for the Saint Petersburg Chamber of Commerce.  Each in a totally different setting and offering its own photography challenges.  However, I was allowed to choose the spot for the actual ribbon cutting and had ample time to dial in manual settings on my Nikon D300 and SB-600 Speedlight to get the above shot.  I could not have asked for a better reaction from Jo to make the shot have a little something extra.

There was a raffle after the ribbon cutting . . . 

 An unwatched raffle bowl is a vulnerable thing . . .

. . . someone may just sneak a hand and, but they were caught!

It was my first time inside Bank of America Tower, which is not that much to look at on the outside, but has an impressive lobby with great light beaming through during the golden hour.  I will return to photograph inside there some day.