Sea Lions of La Jolla California

Sea lions like to cuddle while sleeping in La Jolla, California

Quality time with sea lions

Instantly the highlight of my trip to San Diego, California became a quick drive up the coast to La Jolla to spend time with all the sea lions there. I have only seen seals from distance in Monterey before. I heard in La Jolla you can get much closer, and that certainly was true! Most of these photos were made with just a Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 G2 lens on a Nikon D7200. That’s only 300mm of effective focal length and I was able to get shots as up close as these.

Lots of action to observe

I really enjoy just being still and observing nature and wildlife, and La Jolla provides a very good marine life observation space. Yes, there are some people getting too close to the sea lions, but I got a good rock outcropping seat away from most people and close to a lot of seal action, from the cuddling couple you see above, to pups seemingly getting seal swimming lessons from a grown up seal instructor, to just watching them try and hop and slide around over the rocks.

La Jolla is a place I could live.

La Jolla Sea Lions Photo Gallery