Horses in dusk light in Thoreau New Mexico

Pale horse in dusk light in New Mexico

Pale horses in dusk light worth stopping for

Driving back from a long afternoon of rural land real estate photography and drone flying down the very scenic Bluewater Road, with the interstate nearly in sight, these pale horses caught the corner of my eye. I have an axiom that a real photographer never passes up a chance to get a shot. So even though I was tired and had a long 2-hour drive still ahead of me to get home, I pulled my Jeep over and went back into my camera bag to take out the Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master lens to make a few photos of these horses. I approached slowly, as I always do to animals to let them know I am a friend and just want to share space with them for a moment. The horse in the top photo seemed to understand this as it obliged me by lifting its head up so I could get the shot you see.

Jason Photography Axiom: If you see a shot, always make the effort to stop and get the shot