The Many Looks of the Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego California Photo Story

That light in the sky? The light trail of a jet taking off from San Diego.

The Ocean Beach Pier Changes Day by Night

Over the course of seven days staying in the Ocean Beach community in San Diego, California I went to visit the Ocean Beach Pier several times. It looked and felt different each time. I was there for a brilliant sunset. I was there as a storm approached. I was there when the pier was nearly completely empty, and when it was filled with people. I met a pelican. I walked it, and I rode a Bird (electric scooter) down it. I listened to the stories the ocean whispered as it passed under and around the pier.

Ocean Beach Long Exposure Photographs

Pelicans watch you on the Ocean Beach Pier

The Ocean Beach Pier Macro & Micro

Sunset at the Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego California