Moriarty New Mexico Drone Photo crop circles farmland

Rural New Mexico drone photo of Moriarty farmland - made with DJI Mavic Pro & PolarPro ND8 filter

I have been spending a lot of time photographing rural land near Moriarty, New Mexico in Torrance County.  At one location the client only ordered ground level photos, but in scouting the property on Google Maps I saw these crop circle looking formations behind the property and decided to bring my drone to see how they looked from the air!

I could not fly high enough to get the entire cicle in frame even with the drone due to hitting the legal 400 foot AGL limit and also I was getting high wind warnings on the drone app's display.  Still, I was happy to see something on satellite view on Google Maps, then go out and make close to the photograph that I envisioned.  

If you would like a print of this view for your home or office, contact me today!