Malibu Coast Drone Photo Leo Carrillo Park in California

Malibu has long been a mythical place to me.  It is mentioned in songs, it evokes memories of old surfer movies from the 1950s, it is where I know many celebrities and sports stars currently live, and I know from studying its geography it is close to LA, but still a good drive, thus offering relative access, but far enough away to be its own world.  To get to it one is treated to a stunning drive on the PCH with the Santa Monica Mountains to one side and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean on the other.  

Its geography is also unique in that it is not really like other towns or cities in dimension.  It is a 27 mile strip of coastline with hardly any width.  Most retail areas are strip malls, albeit elegant ones. You cannot get lost in Malibu physically, only in a spiritual way by visiting any of the countless turn offs along those 27 miles.  Then there are the more purposeful ones like Leo Carrillo State Park where I was able to spend hardly two hours prior to sunset mostly in a hidden cove that required scrambling over a large rock outcropping.  This is where I flew my DJI Mavic Pro drone and made the aerial photo above.  Shots of coastline are perhaps the most ideally suited types of shots for a drone as the bird's eye view down a beach is impossible to capture otherwise with any other type of photography equipment.  

Flying over this spot it looked as if I had found a hidden cache of long lost dinosaur eggs.  The setting sun painted the tips of the rocks with a golden orange-bronze light.  All the while the Sea swirled in green.  

This image is available for fine art print and commercial image usage license.