Albuquerque New Mexico Drone Photos I-25 and Sandias

Drone Photo of Albuquerque New Mexico showing I-25 and Sandia Mountains - photo by DJI Mavic Pro with Polarpro ND4 filter

If you are looking for unique views in photos of Albuquerque, New Mexico, then drone aerial photography is for you.  These photos (and videos) can help your website standout, and your marketing materials, and what clients and customers see in your office or business.  This photo was made not from the top of a skyscraper, but standing right on the ground.  My DJI Mavic Pro simply elevated up above some trees and found this unique view of Albuquerque showing both a cityscape and the Sandia Mountains.

I have lived in several other countries and explored many cites.  You can always find something new on foot with a DSLR still camera.  Adding a drone to your photography gear bag though allows one to revisit the same areas and get unique photos.  

Contact me today to go out and make a unique drone photo just for your website or marketing materials or print for your office that gives you exclusive usage of that image.