Red Shouldered Hawk in New Mexico Bird Photography

Red Shouldered Hawk in dusk light in New Mexico - made with a Nikon D7200 & Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 G2 lens

See a Shot, Stop and Get the Shot

This photo of a red shouldered hawk perched on a dead tree limb was made after doing a rural land shoot in Torrance County, New Mexico. One of my photography philosophies is that a real photographer always makes the effort to get a photo they see. I was tired, had just been outside for 90 minutes in the desert, had another 45 minutes to drive back home, but I pulled over, got out my camera, and made the effort to get this shot of the hawk because as a photographer you just cannot pass up opportunities to get a shot. For me, especially one of a large bird as they are very hard to get in New Mexico. Back when I lived in Florida, photographing large birds was easy, they were all over the place. Birds and animals are rare to see in New Mexico, even in the remote places I often travel too.

If you want to think of yourself as a photographer, then if you see a shot, you will make the effort to get that shot. You will not regret the effort.