Goosenecks State Park Utah HDR Photography

Goosenecks is beautiful but not so famous

From a summer western trip, I present in these photos the less famous bendy river canyon wonder of the southwest, Goosenecks State Park in southern Utah. The size and scope of this natural feature is tremendous, yet it is not apparent at all until you walk to the very edge of it. There is a tiny cabin booth to collect your entry fee, then that’s it. You walk yourself to the edge and behold the expanse of Goosenecks on your own. What must have it been like 200 years ago to be riding your horse and all of a sudden this is in front of you?

Hidden Gem of the Southwest

The park does not offer many views of the canyon, hence only three landscape photos in this post. You can scramble down over the edge quite a few levels, but still cannot get anywhere close to the river itself. I could not even find a place to photograph the entire bend in the river.

For such a major natural feature, I would still consider this a hidden gem of the southwest as it has little fame, is in the middle of nowhere, and was visited by about 4 other people at the time.