Headshots for Office Staff at Express in Albuquerque New Mexico

Business headshots made right in the Express Employment Professionals office in Albuquerque, New Mexico

I had not done an on-location headshot shoot for the staff of an office in quite some time because all my recent clients have been wanting to come to the JCP Home Studio here in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  So last week I loaded up all my mobile studio gear onto my Rock N Roller multi-cart (model R10 if you wanted to know) and headed to Express Professionals near Uptown.  I had met one of their staff, Ruby, at a networking event.  

Shooting on location in an office is often challenging, and this time was no different.  The conference room was small and had a big table in it.  I shrunk my setup down to just a 26" Cheetahstand SoupBowl softbox setup as a beauty dish with a Godox AD600 powering it, and then a Godox AD200 in a 7" reflector to put light on the collapsable white background.  Then a big thanks to 2 out of 3 triplets present visiting their dad in the office home from college for helping hold a silver reflector under each person for me, saving me a lot of space of having to use another light stand.  Check out the BTS shot below to see all that I described above!