Odd Places of Deming New Mexico Photography Triangles & Cabinetlandia

I recently went to Las Cruces, New Mexico on a rural land photography assignment.  On the way back we made a detour to nearby Deming, New Mexico.  Jessica is good at finding odd places to visit, often from a website called Atlas Obscura.  We went to two places definitely deserving of the description obscure!

TRIANGLES -- gateway to another dimension?

South of the town of Deming way in the middle of nowhere in a desert setting, Triangles is supposed to be an intersection between dimensions at a crater impact site.  The triangle name is for the two cement triangles marking the spot.  No one phased into another dimension while there!  Nearby we saw what appeared to be an abandoned school bus, but rather upon closer inspection seemed to be still in occasional use due to its surprisingly good condition and multiple tire tracks leading up to it.  

CABINETLANDIA -- not in Portland!

Very close to the interstate, but very hard to reach, Cabinetlandia to me was even odder than a supposed galaxy gateway.  It is supposed to be a library of sorts, with an actual filing cabinet embedded in a desert sand dune.  You need a sense of direction and an AWD vehicle with ground clearance to reach this place, but despite that it has many visitors as there are 3 visitor log books filled with entries from people all over the country.  They even leave behind water in case you unwisely ventured miles out into the desert without any!  It's not just a library, it is also has a "graveyard" and "toilet."   

If you are passing by Deming, New Mexico and have a spare 90 minutes and a sense of odd adventure, be sure and let me know if you check these places out in the comments below!