Cloudcroft New Mexico Fine Art Photography Sunset

I stopped to get this sunset landscape photo of Cloudcroft, New Mexico

See a photo, stop and make the photo

It was a long day at this point when I was driving up a twisting and rising mountain road from Timberon, New Mexico back up to Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Earlier that morning I had made the 3.5 drive from Albuquerque to Cloudcroft. Checked in to the same B&B I stayed at last time I was in Cloudcroft (the excellent Crofting Inn). Made the hour drive down to TImberon and then spent 2.5 hours outside making photographs and flying my drone over a rural land real estate property. Flashforward to sunset time. I was tired and just wanted to get back to the inn and get warm and get to editing, so I was not keen on making another stop for photos. However, one of my personal axioms of photography is that:

a real photographer never not stops or makes the effort to get a photo she/he sees

So I pulled over, let Kiki out, got my Nikon and tripod out and ended up making one of my favorite landscape photos in quite some time, which is the photo you see above.

Black & white can work for sunset photos as well