Albuquerque New Mexico Headshot Photography with Nancy

Going for a max light setup with the Cheetahstand 36" RiceBowl and two Cheetahstand 12"x55" Quick Strip Boxes for this JCP Home Studio headshot shoot in Albuquerque New Mexico

I have been investing a lot recently in my lighting setup that I use for headshots and commercial portraits that I make in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  In the BTS photo above you can see three great new light modifiers all by Cheetahstand that I got just in the past week.  I have long wanted strip boxes, but could not find the right ones that combined portability with quality and value.  The same for the big octosoftbox used as the main light above.  I can tell you that these Cheetahstand modifiers are as good or better than Westcott, as I returned my Westcott 36" Rapid Box XL because of the Cheetahstand 36" RiceBowl.  I paid for all these modifiers, Cheetahstand is not a sponsor, but when I get outstanding customer service like I did from Edward of Cheetahstand, I like to be vocal about it and help them as they helped me with shipping speed and rates.  Check out their website.

This is the result of the above lighting setup, plus a silver reflector too!  

Nancy wanted a very bright, fully lit style headshot with almost no shadows.  As you can see from the setup above, I used a lot of big light modifiers to achieve this, plus a silver reflector not shown in the photo!  I enjoyed meeting Nancy and her husband for the headshot shoot at my Home Studio.  I look forward to making headshots for her husband next in the near future!